Retirement Planning Options

Retirement planning is important, especially with today’s volatile economic outlook. Companies are anxious to secure a retirement plan for a variety of compelling reasons – to guarantee a retirement nest egg for employees, to save on income taxes, to provide tax-deferred investment savings – or a combination of these.

A variety of plan design options are available, and we can tailor one that meets your specific needs.

You have two main choices when it comes to qualified retirement plans, but there are many variations within these two primary categories:

• Defined Benefit Plans
• Defined Contribution Plans

The main difference between the two plan types is that contributions to a Defined Benefit (DB) Plan are non-discretionary. A DB Plan’s annual employer contribution is determined on an actuarial basis and dependent on factors such as changes in employee census and investment performance. Contributions to a defined contribution (DC) Plan are typically discretionary and based on government limitations.

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