Our Team

Clint Blankenship, EA, MAAA, MSPA is the President of McCloud & Associates, Inc. and has provided pension actuarial services to clients since 1998. Clint reviews the annual valuation reports for both the defined benefit and defined contribution plans, and he is a signing actuary for the Schedule SBs. As a youngster, Clint worked on family farms and most wanted to be a farmer when he grew up. While that dream did not happen, Clint does own a tractor.

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 230
Email: cblankenship@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Dale McCloud, JD, CPC serves as the Vice- President of McCloud & Associates, Inc. Dale has over 35 years of experience with qualified plans and currently oversees the Plan Document Department. Dale is also an integral part of the Business Development Team, helping prospective clients design retirement plans that work for best for them. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife at their lake property, and one day hopes to actually retire.

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 223
Email: dmccloud@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Michael Bettis, ASA, EA, MAAA is a Consulting Actuary who reviews actuarial valuations for defined benefit and cash balance plans. He has over 20 years of defined benefit actuarial experience. Michael also reviews benefit calculations and assists on plan terminations. His favorite place in the world is Hawaii, and he would most like to go to Europe as he has never been there.


Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 236
Email: mbettis@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Julie Sharkey, QPA, QKA is our New Business Coordinator. She works as part of the Business Development Team to prepare proposals and consult with potential new clients, walking them through the entire plan implementation process. Julie has worked in the employee retirement / benefits industry since 1997. She most enjoys spending time with her family, reading and running, and she hopes her love of reading and running rub off on her son (no pressure, Mikey!).


Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 250
Email: jsharkey@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Debbie Messer, QPA, QKA is a Pension Administrator who works with both defined benefit and defined contribution plans. She has over 30 years of experience in the retirement industry. Debbie prepares the annual valuation reports and required filings, and consults with clients regarding their retirement plans. She has a secret talent, but won’t say what it is, as it won’t be a secret anymore. Debbie would love to swap places with her cousin for a day so she could ride horses without sneezing.

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 226
Email: dmesser @mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Jim Carnes, QPA  is a Pension Administrator who works with both defined benefit and defined contribution plans. He completes the annual valuation reports, testing and required filings for his plans. Jim also consults with his clients in all areas of plan administration.  He has worked on qualified retirement plans for over 35 years. Jim enjoys walking on the beach with his wife while vacationing with his family in Florida.

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 222
Email: jcarnes@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

LouAnn Corley serves as the Documents Coordinator. She prepares plans documents for new clients, along with plan amendments and restatements. LouAnn also coordinates plan terminations and assists with various other plan administration tasks. LouAnn has been in the retirement plan industry since 2005 and is currently pursuing the ASPPA designation of QKA. She would love to travel the world, and would especially like to visit England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 249
Email: lcorley@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Amy Blankenship is our Office Manager. Amy is responsible for all accounts payable and receivable, oversees payroll and all client invoicing. She has many years of bookkeeping and office organizational experience and has been with M&A since 2013. Amy enjoys spending time with her family, and her favorite place in the world is wherever her kids are!

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 231
Email: ablankenship@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Wanda Waltman serves as our Workflow Coordinator. She assists clients with the collection of data needed to prepare the annual administration reports and helps the Pension Administrators with important client follow-ups. Wanda is also in charge of maintaining our client database. She has been with M&A since 2017 and is currently pursuing the ASPPA designation of QKA. Wanda’s favorite quote is: “Dream without fear, love without limits”. Someday, she hopes to go on a mission trip to another country.

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 225
Email: wwaltman@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Sherry Hoppes is our Administrative Assistant. She works with our Pension Administrators processing asset statements and reconciling each trust account. Sherry also assists with office management. She has been with M&A for over seven years. Sherry enjoys suspense/mystery books. Perhaps that is why, when asked what she wanted to do before she died, Sherry replied with “Why, is there a hit out on me?”

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 290
Email: shoppes@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Caleb Doubet is an Actuarial Analyst.  He recently graduated from Truman State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minors in Statistics and Actuarial Science.  Caleb assists in all areas of qualified pension plans as he works toward becoming an enrolled actuary.  He enjoys staying active and once ran a half-marathon, although now basketball is his go-to recreational sport.

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 241
Email: cdoubet@mccloudandassociatesinc.com

Patrick Howe is a Junior Pension Administrator. Patrick assists the Pension Administrators in the preparation of the annual valuation reports, processes benefit calculations, and prepares required PBGC and IRS filings.  He is a recent graduate from Truman State University, where he majored in Mathematics. He is currently pursuing the ASPPA designation of QKA. As a kid, Patrick dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, and if given the chance, would love to swap places with Patrick Mahomes for a day.

Phone: 816-792-3838 ext. 246
Email: phowe@mccloudandassociatesinc.com